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Plumbing & Appliances for Convenience

Exact can work with you to choose and install appliances that impacts your life every day.


Imagine having near-boiling, instant hot water right at your sink saving time and energy. An instant hot water dispenser makes coffee, tea, or any hot drink – instantly. It is an energy-efficient, non-intrusive appliance that provides an abundance of convenience:

  • sit elegantly on your sink, with its tank conveniently under it.

  • uses less energy than a 40-watt light bulb.

  • Great for cooking: Cook pasta al dente, Blanch vegetables, Thaw frozen foods, and Loosen baked-on foods or tomato skins.

  • Performs household duties: Remove candle wax residue, polish silver or remove labels.

Plumber Sonoma Garbage Disposal Instant Hot Water


Garbage disposals are one of the most used appliances in our kitchen, bringing convenience and practicality to everyone in the home.

Exact Plumbing installs InSinkErator garbage disposals. InSinkErator food waste disposers are the best-selling brand in the world, and with good reason:

  • Dura-Drive Induction Motor

  • These powerful, heavy-duty motors are manufactured by InSinkErator to exacting specifications that help ensure high performance and long life.

  • Quick Lock™ Sink Mount

  • Available only from InSinkErator, this “twist-on, twist-off” sink mount makes installation fast and easy, no matter what disposer you’re replacing.

  • The Evolution Excel ®

  • The best of InSinkErator’s grinding and noise-reduction technologies, handling more volume and more types of food waste while making 60% less noise than standard disposers.

Many homes in Sonoma County are on septic systems ...

There are 5 Evolution models, including Evolution Septic Assist®, designed specifically for homes with septic systems -- many homes in Sonoma County are on septic systems. The Evolution Septic Assist® offers country homeowners all the benefits of a great garbage disposal while being kind to their septic system.

With an InSinkErator food waste disposer in your kitchen – even if you compost for your garden -- you can dispose of food scraps inappropriate for your compost pile and are virtually liquefied to safely flow into your sewage system or septic tank. It is also a more environmentally responsible by yielding less bagged garbage that would otherwise head to landfills

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